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After having been established in 1995 and reconstituted by its then Partners in 1999, Adi Radlan & Co. is set to position itself as a proactive and attentive law firm in Malaysia. We aim to be endorsed as having trenchant market position in Johor.

We are acutely aware of the advent of keener competition in this day and age. Everything appears to be in a state of flux. But what remains constant and true is our commitment and attention to our clients, to the minutest of details and to the unrivalled quality we engender in our work.

Our Philosophy


A boutique set-up

Our philosophy has always been to remain nimble, flexible and pragmatic. In keeping with this philosophy, we are boutique law firm set-up offering niche litigation, corporate and commercial, banking and real property practice.


Experience you can trust

We strive to assist our clients in achieving their commercial objectives by providing honest, trustworthy, constructive and pragmatic legal solutions while not comprising on our professionalism and integrity.


Committed to excellence

We are committed to excellence. We work closely with our clients by offering personalized, innovative and effective service to our clients.

Our Lawyers

Adi Radlan Abdul Rahman

Founder / Partner

Adi Radlan was called to the Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court in Malaya on 15.04.1993.

He specializes in niche litigation in the areas of land acquisition, contractual anomalies and disputes, tort and damages, corporate law, derivative actions, winding-up proceedings and to a lesser extent criminal litigation. His noteworthy clients include a number of listed Groups of Companies in Malaysia and Singapore. He has also been often requested by other legal firms to advise as counsel on litigious commercial and contractual anomalies.

Syaida Nurin Lee Abdullah

Founder / Partner

Syaida was called to the Bar as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court in Malaya on 08.11.1994.

She specializes in corporate and commercial banking and security documentation. Aside from that she devotes her practice on aspects of foreign investments, mergers & acquisition, corporate governance, due dilligence and real estate matters & conveyancing.

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